Useful tools, suggested reading materials and other resources available free of charge.

Free Resources


For my practice, I keep researching for resources and other materials so my sessions with clients are as rounded as possible. Below are some examples. 


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Introduction to Mindfulness

Being aware of your feelings, thoughts and emotions is a great first step into developing a healthy mind. Download the worksheet below to learn how to do this.

Introduction to Mindfulness


Improve your mood

Addressing your belief system is a powerful way to make positive changes in your life. It is the reason why CBT (or Cognitive Behaviour Therapy) is so widely used, and also why it becomes even more powerful through hypnotherapy.





Trusting your feelings is very different than trusting your gut. Your feelings can affect your judgement and how you approach problems so they can go against you. Learn how to interpret them and do what’s best for you.




Learning to read your feelings, thoughts and emotions is a wonderful start. Through hypnosis, you can address them if they are disturbing your mental or physical health. Self-hypnosis can be done anywhere, try it for yourself and see the positive change that can be had.


Self-hypnosis at home


Relaxation music

The following has been considered the most soothing music in the world, perfect to get you into a relaxed mood. Maybe you can include it in your mindfulness or self-hypnosis sessions?