Spare Your Attention


Multitasking is something most of us do daily. Sometime it’s thinking about the day ahead while brushing your teeth (guilty). Other times is having lunch and reading emails (also guilty). The professional world in particular makes us believe this is the solution for busy lives. I was reading this article and it made me think …

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Own Your Happiness

Low mood is experienced by many people but it affects some more than others. In cases it leads to diagnosis of clinical depression, for which doctors tend to prescribe medication.   There is often a stigma associated with taking anti depressants, often as great as accepting depression. It feels like a loss of control, a …

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Oak Tree

Hello and welcome to the Perennial Mind blog. I created it to share interesting articles and other resources that may improve your health, be that mental or physical health. Posts are written in the first person, as they’re all written by me!   What is a perennial mind? First, I feel like it may be …

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