Hello and welcome to the Perennial Mind blog. I created it to share interesting articles and other resources that may improve your health, be that mental or physical health. Posts are written in the first person, as they’re all written by me!


What is a perennial mind?

First, I feel like it may be good to explain the name of this site. Whenever I think of a strong, healthy mind, the image of an oak tea comes to me immediately. It withstands the elements and come spring, it continues growing, showing all greenery in its full glory.


I am not a gardener, but according to the experts, this is what characterises a perennial plant. A lot of the most beautiful flowers live only for one season. They may have all the glorious shapes and colours, but they do not survive when the weather turns.


ResilienceThis can also be said of many people. Happy and outgoing when things go according to plan, but wilting when they do not. Others are better able dealing with the downsides of life, recovering quickly from difficult situations. But they are no different than you and me, they only have better tools at their disposal.


‘Resilience’ is an excellent way to describe the oak tree. It has deep and sturdy roots that are built to cope with all that the elements throw at it. They can sustain difficult periods and spring back to life when the circumstances improve, growing new leaves again.


Achieving a resilient mind

Hypnotherapy can give you these tools so you too can be resilient and evergreen, able to overcome the challenges in your life. We all have problems, but I truly believe that the power to face them is within each one of us. Don’t know how? Give me a shout and we can talk about what is bothering you!


Hope my blog posts shed a light on what you can do to grow as a person, and add to your resilience toolkit. I intend to write a new post a week, so come again soon. Even better, you can receive my newsletter: your data is secure and your details will not be shared with anyone else, only used to keep you informed of new articles, and the occasional exclusive offer. Like the sound of that? Subscribe!